Guardianship Orders Disclaimer

Electronic access to court information regarding guardianships is restricted by state law in addition to court rules and orders. This site does not provide access to either confidential or sealed case information. Information on this site is made available as a public service by the Indiana Supreme Court.

Information displayed on this site is not to be considered or used as an official court record and may contain errors or omissions. Accuracy of the information is not warranted. Official records of court proceedings may only be obtained directly from the court maintaining a particular record.

Although this site should contain information regarding guardianships issued by each participating county after the date listed in the dropdown menu above, not all guardianships issued by Indiana’s trial courts have been entered into the Guardianship Registry. Again, the information displayed on this site should not be considered or used as an official court record. A person using letters of guardianship to transact business on behalf of a protected person should always present a copy of the letters authorizing the guardian to act, which may also include any limitation on the guardian’s authority set forth by the court. To determine whether a guardianship order or letters of guardianship have actually been issued by a court, the official records of the court should be consulted.