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Search for publicly accessible information about guardianships issued by Indiana courts. The “Active Counties” dropdown menu provides you with a list of the participating counties and notes the date each county began using the registry. Some counties may have elected to enter cases pending prior to the listed date. For more information about specific cases, contact the county Clerk’s Office or search for non-confidential case information on Indiana's trial court case search at

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To select/deselect multiple counties, press and hold the CTRL button, then click each county name you wish to search.

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Search Tips
Case Number

You do not need to include the dashes in the case number. You will find your case number on the materials given to you by the Clerk's Office in the county where you filed.

Narrowing Your Search

Each case will only have one record in the system. If a case has multiple Letters issued, only the most recent information will be displayed. For instance, if a Temporary Letter of Guardianship is issued initially, and then later a Permanent Letter of Guardianship is granted for the same protected person on the same case, only the Permanent Letter of Guardianship will display. Narrowing your search can result in the exclusion of the Letter you're searching for if you enter information that is different than the information on file in the Guardianship Registry. If you can't find the information you're looking for, try searching without adding any of the optional criteria.

Year of Birth

Enter a range of years if you aren't certain of the age of the person who has had the Letter issued on their behalf. If you do know the year, enter the same year in both boxes.

City of Residence

If you narrow your search with a city or multiple cities, keep in mind that this field searches for the city in which the person who had the Letter issued on their behalf lived at the time of filing — not necessarily their current city of residence.